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Risks for Vermont of cannabis use


Vermont is at a cannabis crossroads.

We have legalized the recreational use of MARIJUANA and now we are implementing that decision through additional laws, rules, and regulations. We can protect ourselves and learn from the science, the experience of other states — or our children, neighbors, communities, and we ourselves, will pay in lives ruined for our inattention to the health harms of high-potency MARIJUANA.

Lessons from Colorado

Colorado THC Concentrations Study
Colorado THC Concentrations Supplement

Colorado adds new warning labels


Cannabis Users


Be Smart Vermont: Learn from other states

Doctors Ask VT Health Commissioner How to Add Robust Cannabis Health Risk Warnings - read the letter to Dr. Mark Levine.

You are the most powerful influence in your child's life.

Talk with your children about making healthy choices – they are listening.

Colorado warnings required by law

Colorado-required cannabis-warnings.png


Anchor 1

Suicide Among Youth in Colorado, 2013-2017: Ages 10-18. (PDF)
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. p. 19

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