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Risks for Vermont of cannabis use


of Marijuana Health Risks and Lack of Protection.

We can learn from the science and the experience of other states and countries to protect ourselves — or our young adults, neighbors, and communities will pay in lives ruined for our inattention to the health risks of high-potency marijuana.

Lessons from Colorado

The harms that resulted from Colorado's missteps in increasing access to medical marijuana offer important lessons for Vermont.

The Colorado Experience

  • From 2009 to 2012 medical marijuana laws were loosen in Colorado allowing for greater access for medical marijuana patients and commercialization of the product.

  • Eighteen-year-olds had access to medical marijuana cards, which gave them access to high-potency THC cannabis concentrates without the knowledge or consent of a parent or guardian.

  • By 2021, of the kids who reported having consumed cannabis in the past 30 days, 52% said they had dabbed — vaporized a high-THC cannabis concentrate — and this number was up from 20% just four years ago, according to the bi-annual Healthy Kids Colorado Survey of over 46,000 high school students (2021).

  • Colorado teens and their families began experiencing severe harms from use of the drug and Senators and State Representatives’ children from both parties experienced harms. High THC was identified by pediatricians, including a House Representative as an urgent problem.

  • Here is a very short but very powerful video about what went wrong in Colorado, errors Vermont is poised to repeat.  After many of these tragedies (including the children of legislators), the Colorado legislature overhauled how "medical card" marijuana is regulated.


  • After enormous time and resources were expended at the Colorado State House, HB21-1317 was passed. Please review the safeguards Colorado put in place in this law to make their medical marijuana system safer for kids and adults.

  • Vermont Fact Sheet on H.612 was informed by lessons from Canada and Vermont's existing law.  

Lessons from Canada

unintentional cannabis poisoning


Increased suicides and mental health effects follows increased marijuana availability and potency.
Are Marijuana Use and Suicide Linked? — A review of the data show there's cause for alarm, MedPage Today by Libby Stuyt, MD

Colorado THC Concentrations Study
Colorado THC Concentrations Supplement

Research Summary

Download this comprehensive review of the research on the dangers of high-potency THC cannabis products. {20-page PDF]

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