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Big Mistake to Remove THC Limit Admitted by Vermont Health Department

One day after reporting there was no objection to removing the THC limits in the original legislation enabling Vermont’s retail cannabis market, the Vermont Department of Health notified the Legislature of its mistake.

Text as submitted April 29, 2022 by Vermont Department of Health

“Upon further consideration, with the lens of prevention and safety as the cornerstone for the coming adult use market in Vermont, the Department does not concur with the lifting of the THC limit and maintains that a foundational component of the original legislation remain in place.
“The risk to users of high levels of THC are significant and we should not risk contributing to the known risks to consumers physical and mental health.
“My communication of yesterday to you was based on incomplete information. All errors are mine and please accept my apologies to you and the committee.
Best, David
David C. Englander (he/him) Senior Policy and Legal Advisor
Department of Health, Office of the Commissioner
108 Cherry Street, Suite 301,
Burlington, VT 05402
Direct: 802.863.7282”



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